It has become a cliche to say that we live in strange times. They are bad times for many of us – we or our loved ones have been directly affected by Covid-19, our job is uncertain or lost, or a myriad of other serious impacts on our lives. But amongst all this there have been some undoubted positives. One of these is that all around the country, the quieter roads have given many people the confidence to get out on their bikes. For many, this is for the first time since childhood.

And so we hope this blog has come along at a great moment for cycling in and around Dundee. Over the coming weeks and months, it will grow to record a range of cycling voices. They will all be expressing their personal opinion, which might not be shared by Dundee Cycling Forum. But as long as they are expressed in a constructive way, we hope to give a voice to as many as we can.

Perhaps you could be one of these voices? Are you one of those that have just returned to cycling? Perhaps you have even bought a new bike? Or perhaps for you it is situation normal – you have always cycled. Whichever is you, if you have experiences to share, comments to make, or just want to express the joy of cycling in Dundee, please send your words and images to and we will consider it for inclusion.

Meantime, if you want to know more about Dundee Cycling, hop over to our Facebook and Twitter pages.